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Textile Machines – Curing Machine

Curing Machine

The curing machines consist of the following parts,

  1. Fabric guiding Unit
  2. Entry Roller
  3. Transport chain motor
  4. Plaiter
  5. heating System
    1. Oil Heating
    2. Steam Heating
  6. Circulation Fan
  7. Exhaust Fan
  8. Loop Length
  9. Chain Lubrication System
  10. Machine Operation

Fabric Guiding Unit:

This unit is constructed to keep the fabric at center of the machine and installed just before the Entry infeed roller. This unit can be work on electrical system.

Entry Roller:

This unit is transfer the fabric to the chamber by the help of DC motor. This motor is controlled from the operating panel. The speed of this motor can be increased or decreased and Techo generate is coupled with the motor which provides the feedback to the Master control card. The Techo generator is very important part of the machine, if it becomes faulty, the machine will stop.

Transport chain motor:

This unit is also derived with the DC motor and Techo generator is coupled with the motor which provides the feed back to the master control card. The motor is controlled with DC drive and Dc drive controlled by the master control card. The speed of the motor can be change with the help of the POT.

The chain for the transport of the rod is driven via the main motor.


This is used to put the fabric in the trolley. It has a DC motor which is controlled by DC supply and it is synchronized by Hand POT.

In Ager II machine there are two plaiters and both of them are coupled with on DC motor.

Heating System:

There are two types of heating steam installed on the machine,

 1. Oil heating:

To increase the temperature of the chamber there are two coils in which the heated oil is circulated. One coil is for the roof heating and other is for the bottom. The motorized valve is installed at the inlet of both the coils that is opened or closed to maintain the temperature of the chamber. The temperature sensors (PT-100) are installed inside the chamber which sense the temperature and provides the signal to the temperature controller which generates the signal the opening and closing for the motorize valve.

 2. Steam Heating:

Heating of the roof / front valve by means of steam,

In case of normal steaming the temperature can be controlled by changing of the steam pressure, for this a reducing valve is built-in in the steam supply.

In case of the High Temperature steaming the temperature can be controlled by means of a valve in the steam supply. This valve is controlled by the temperature controller.

Circulation Fan:

Each duct of the steamer is provided with circulation fans. The circulation fans are used to maintain equal temperature through out the chamber. There is a button to start or stop the circulation fan which is installed on the electrical panel. On the electrical panel there is also the indication light which make us sure that circulation fan is working or not.


There are two exhaust fans which are used to emit out the extra gases and extra moisture from the chamber. There is a pressure switch is installed at the exhaust duct which make us sure that the exhaust fans are running or not.

Loop Length:

In the steamer, the cloth is packed up at the entry side by a rod moving upwards by means of a transport chain, and is hung in loops. These loops are also formed owing to the rather high frictional contact between the rod and the cloth hanged on it.

Chain Lubrication system:

The starting of the lubricating device is done automatically when the machine is switched on and off. A time relay activates air valve and set each 50 seconds pump in action for period of 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds a lubrication injection is given to the chain and locks.

It is consist of the following parts,

  1. electromagnetic air valve
  2. pump
  3. manometer for the indication of oil pressure
  4. Air supply unit consisting of filter reducing valve and mist lubricating device.
  5. Injectors
  6. Indication pin of the injector.

Operation of Machine:

Start the machine by mean of push button on the control panel. This is only possible when green pilot lamp is lit. Now the machine runs at the minimum speed.

Adjust the speed and the loop length according to the required steaming time etc.

The speed of machine can be increased or decreased by the hand POT.

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