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FX-20P-CAB for HPP to FX2 series communication cable

FX-20P-CAB MITSUBISHI FX2 Series communication cable for FX handheld PLC

FX-20P-CAB MITSUBISHI communication cable for FX handheld. FX-20P-CAB MITSUBISHI communication cable for FX handheld FX-20P-CAB MITSUBISHI communication cable for FX handheld programmer to FX2

FX-20P-CAB is apply for FX-20P-E to FX PLC series,two meters.

The quality is guaranteed.It’s tested before shippment.Not made by Mitsubishi,OEM product as the replacement

Mitsubishi E Range

The E series HMI panels offer a perfect blend of operator friendliness with powerful performance. These rugged terminals offer a wide range of cost-effective HMI connections to a host of automation suppliers’ PLCs including Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Moeller, Telemecanique and Mitsubishi. Crammed full of features and suited to a wide range of applications, this comprehensive HMI range offers a flexible approach for all information display requirements.,All units except the E50 incorporate a real-time clock, have printer report functionality, and are able to display bargraphs.,Panels can be programmed with E-Designer software, stock no. 399-6241. Connecting cable and manual are not supplied.

Free software drivers
Backlit LCD display
IP65 panel sealing, IP66 E1070 + E1100
RS-232C & RS-422 serial ports
Temperature range: 0 to 50°C

Upgradeable firmware
Windows programming tools
Password protection (Except E50)
Trend Graphs and Internet connectivity (E300 and above)

Cable Pin Outs

You can make yourself a FX programming cable as below diagram.
It’s easy and save your money.

MiniDIN-8-Pin-Male DB9_pinouts

PLC (Mini din 8 pins male) PC (D-sub 9 pins female)
5 (+5V)Resistor 500-1K
2 (RXD+)
1 (RXD-) 3 (TXD)
4 (TXD-) 2 (RXD)
3 (0V) 5(GND)

FX2 series communication

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