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HOME IO Smart House Simulation

Home IO

HOME IO: The Interactive Smart House Simulation

HOME IO is a real time simulation of a smart house and its surrounding environment, designed to cover a wide range of curriculum targets within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


HOME I/O allows users to control 174 interactive devices, typically found in a real house, through a built-in Home Automation Console. Together with CONNECT I/O, users can also connect to external technologies, both hardware and software.

With state of the art 3D graphics and an FPS video game approach (first-person shooter), HOME I/O offers a unique learning experience with immersive and motivating hands-on activities for several educational and vocational areas.


Raising Awareness. Changing Behavior

HOME I/O is designed to be an educational tool that plays a great role in shaping our kids future, by educating them about the positive impact of home automation in people’s lives and on the environment.

Home automation is a growing trend that is becoming more popular and affordable every day. It improves our safety, security, convenience, comfort and it allows us to use energy in a more responsible and efficient way. With HOME I/O kids will raise awareness about energy efficiency, change behaviors and learn about new technologies.

HOME I/O is a great tool for teachers to explore and develop engaging activities in a project-based learning methodology like STEM, where students analyze  situations, search for answers and provide solutions.


Open To Technology

 The open environment of HOME I/O allows the connection of over 400 I/O points to virtually any external technologies such as PLC, microcontrollers, Matlab, LabVIEW, etc.

This makes HOME I/O a valuable training tool in several areas and courses such as Mechatronics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and even Architecture. It encourages students and trainees to engage in technical activities, such as:

  • Program a PLC to i.e. open/close the garage door.
  • Build a PID controller with LabVIEW to control the lighting of a room.
  • And many more…


HOME I/O v1.2.2 Installer (includes a full-featured 30-day trial)

 License server (required for floating license users only)

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