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MITSUBISHI PLC FX-50DU-CAB0 programming cable

Rich features and flexible system configuration in a compact size.

MITSUBISHI PLC FX-50DU-CAB0: The MELSEC-F series PLC incorporates power supply, CPU, and I/Os into a single compact unit.
Meets the needs of a variety of user applications with options for I/O, analog, positioning, and open network expansion.



Main Unit

All-in-one power supply, CPU, and I/O main unit. Built-in features include high-speed counters and positioning outputs.

I/O Extension

Both [I/O Extension Units] with a built-in power supply and [I/O Extension Blocks] without a power supply are available in various I/O sizes and configurations.

 Analog Control:

Options for analog inputs and outputs, temperature sensor inputs, and temperature control are available.

 High-Speed Counting

Options are available to increase the performance of the built-in high-speed counters or provide additional high-speed counting capacity. etc


MITSUBISHI F940/F930/F920 to FX0/FX2n series PLC FX-50DU-CAB0 programming cable

FX-50DU-CAB0 is used to connect F940/F930/F920 and FX0/FX2n series,8 pin connector,3M.

 Cable Pin Outs:



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