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Siemens Drive ES Simatic 5.3 SP1


Drive ES Basic is a software to start-up, parameterize, optimize and diagnose Siemens drives (DriveMonitor / SIMOCOM U). The Drive startup tools (DriveMonitor; SIMOCOM U/A, Starter) are integral components of Drive ES Basic, thus enabling the user to deal with the drives in the same way as with the Siemens automation technology. Data management of both automation and drive technology is consistent. It guarantees common data archiving. By means of Drive ES, Siemens drives are fully integrated in Totally Integrated Automation.

Functions of Siemens Drive ES Basic:

* Processing drive parameter lists
* Downloading sets of parameters
* Comparing sets of parameters.
* Uploading sets of parameters.
* Basic logic functions of prompted start-up.
* Technological functions of prompted start-up.
* Diagnostics: Error and alarm memory, PROFIBUS diagnostics, trace recording and evaluation.
* Importing sets of parameters.
* The drive is operated via the drive control panel
* Exporting sets of parameters.
* Extensive context-sensitive help functions.
* Drives being configured like programmable controllers.
* Common data management together with automation.
* Communication via Ethernet (routed), PROFIBUS or serial connection.

Die neue Safety-Integrated-Funktion SLP (Safely Limited Position) des Antriebssystems Sinamics S120 dient der zuverlässigen Überwachung von Bereichsgrenzen in Motion-Control-Anwendungen. Der hierfür erforderliche Geber ist bei Simotics-Motion-Control-Motoren standardmäßig integriert. The new Safety Integrated function SLP (Safely Limited Position) for the Sinamics S120 drive system permits reliable range limit monitoring in motion control applications. The required encoder is integrated as standard in Simotics motion control motors.

Drive ES SIMATIC provides function blocks for SIMATIC CPUs which communicate with Siemens drives via PROFIBUS DP (according to the PROFIdrive profile), or execute the proprietary VPP protocol. Sample programs describe their program-technical integration. Communication only has to be configured instead of programmed. The blocks can be u! sed in STEP7 from Version V5.0 while Drive ES SIMATIC replaces the predecessor product DVA-S7.

Functions of the modules created with Siemens Drive ES:

Siemens Drive ES

* The configuration DBs are generated via the Wizard
* Read and write process data of freely configurable length and consistence
* Cyclical and acyclical exchange of parameters
* Parameters are uploaded from the drive into the CPU
* Downloading parameters from the CPU to the drive
* The download DBs can be generated from Drive ES Basic in a user-friendly way by means of a converter
* Readout fault memories from SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES or SIMOREG DC MASTER
* Communication watchdog
* Comprehensive sample projects

Siemens Drive ES v5.3 Full

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