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ABB PFEA 111Exc Error – How to Fix


ABB PFEA 111 Exc Error : Covering a wide range of applications the Tension Electronics comes in three versions, with different levels of performance and functionality. All three versions have multi-language digital display and configuration keys.

The configuration keys being used for setting different parameters and to check the status of the tension system. The 2 x 16 character display can present sum, difference or individual load cell signals. All three versions are available in both DIN-rail version and enclosed IP 65 (NEMA 4) version for mounting in more severe environments.

ABB PFEA 111 Exc Error is basically Excitation Error that relates to the Load Cell connected to the Electronics Part. There are following reasons that can cause this Error.

  1. Cable of Load Cell is Broken
  2. Its getting disconnected due to any reason during the signal transferring
  3. Load Cell is faulty
  4. There is issue in PCB at Electronics Part, some SMD Components may be faulty

Here I would like to share some personal experience by working on this Error.

ABB PFEA 111 Front

During commissioning of Kusters PadSteam (Textile Machine ) we have found some faulty Load Cells and Amplifiers which were showing different Errors. one of that was “Exc Error” i.e Excitation Error.( As per manual)

ABB PFEA 111 Diplay Card

Diagnosing Steps:

For diagnosing the faulty part we tried following process.

  1. Exchanged the Load Cell with the Tested one.
  2. Exchanged the cable with the Tested one.
  3. Exchanged the Electronic Part with the Tested one.
  4. Change the Ribbon Cable b/w Display Card and main Electronic Card.

ABB PFEA 111 Power Card

Once the faulty section found then we start diagnosing the issue.

In our case there was issue in main Electronic Card components near the Connections of Load Cell.

As per following picture, you can see that there are some SMD Components near connections that are transmitting the signals to the circuit.


Troubleshooting & Repairing Steps:

To check the PCB follow these steps

  1. After Powering Up the Circuit, check the Power Supplies that are made across the Capacitors.
  2. Check the Power Supplies on ICs respective Pins
  3. If supplies are not proper, check the Capacitors with Capacitance Meter like TES 3000 etc
  4. If capacitors are OK, but supplies are not proper around PINs of ICs then remove the IC and check the voltage at PCB on respective PINs.
  5. If I/P Supply is OK then place the IC and check the O/P signals and components connected on O/P.
  6. Check all the components if supplies are OK but still there is an issue. This process is called CALL TESTING.

In our particular case of EXC ERROR, we checked the SMD Resistance, as per above picture, and it was faulty so we changed those components and issue resolved.

For Manual and details please Download from Download

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