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COMBIVIS STUDIO 6 KEB Software Free Download

 KEB COMBIVIS is the universal and effective tool for all former and current KEB drives.

The new version KEB COMBIVIS 6 in .net-based structure is ready for the needs of the future. It supports the controls and drive controllers as of generation 5.

KEB COMBIVIS 6 is factory-tested with operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, and has been designed as a free too for the complete administration of all  device adjustments, among others:

  • Display and adjustment of all parameters up to 8 parameter sets
  • Display of units and monitoring of operating data
  • Configuration of customer-specific parameters in the “CP level”
  • Analysis of communication between drive and control 

The established KEB COMBIVIS 5 version continues to support all former device series such as Type KEB COMBIVERT 56 / F0 / F1 / F2 / F4/S4 and all current generation KEB COMBIVERT F5 / G6 / B6 devices.

It can be run on all PCs with serial interface and systems software Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Main Features:


Combivis 6 is also used for drive programming and diagnostics.  The software includes a powerful 16-channel oscilloscope for recording inverter values.


Combivis Studio 6 includes wizards, which improve set-up times. Some example wizards include: Drive Startup, Anti-cogging, and Motor Configurators.



Combivis Studio 6 organizes the complete project including: libraries, PLC program, drive settings, scope files, etc.combivis-6-project-management1


Parameters created in a Combivis Studio 6 project can be added to the Studio HMI program automatically.  This dramatically reduces programming time and mapping errors.



A user has the ability to keep relevant documents like catalogs and manuals in Combivis Studio 6. The software keeps the documentation current and allows offline access.



Combivis Studio 6 includes a graphical CAM profile editor. Cam profiles are stored in table form and can be switched in real-time using IEC function blocks.


To Download KEB Software for PC Required registration:

  • COMBIVIS 6 – Release info

    Display of the actual program version, history of changes, known bugs

    •  Release Info COMBIVIS 6  (541 kB , pdf , 2014-10-24)
  • COMBIVIS 6 – Setup
    •  Setup COMBIVIS 6  (328 MB , exe , 2014-10-24)

    This file contains the complete setup for COMBIVIS 6.

  • COMBIVIS studio 6 – Setup

    Setup file for COMBIVIS studio 6

    •  Setup COMBIVIS studio 6  (524 MB , exe , 2014-10-24)Required registration
  • COMBIVIS 6 – XML file

    COMBIVIS 6 XML file for all devices from COMVIVERT F5 and later.

    •  Paras.xml  (1.5 MB , zip , 2015-06-03)
  • Releases notes
    •  Release Info COMBIVIS studio 6  (541 kB , pdf , 2014-10-24)Required registration

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