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Control Techniques Mentor II DC Drives


Control Techniques Mentor II DC Drives

Mentor II is a DC drive, (available in non-regenerative and regenerative models) easy to configure and possesses powerful diagnostic and communication abilities. The drives microprocessor can eliminate the need for a PLC and set-up is easy using the drive keypad, or MentorSoft software. Ideally suited for such applications as plastics production, wire drawing, winders, and slitters this drive is your universal DC drive solution.

Drives offering supply voltages ranging 208/240 VAC, three phase, support horse power choices of 3 to 500 hp. Drives offering supply voltages ranging 380/480 VAC, three phase, support horsepower choices of 5 to 1000. Special order voltages (525/660 VAC) are also available. Mentor II drives are available in three integrated designs. Expand and customize your drive with the addition of a MD29, 32-bit, coprocessor card. Communicate on your preferred network by adding a plug-in comms card. Enhance your Mentor II by adding MentorSoft, Windows-based, drive configuration software. Mentor II, intelligence coupled with performance for the advantage in production applications.

Discontinued Series

DC drives are widely used in applications that requirem75-14m regeneration, precise speed control, dynamic performance, and constant torque over wide speed  anges. The Mentor II delivers the universal DC drive solution. Simple stand-alone applications are easily configured to control motor speed, voltage or current using standard internal settings. Set-up is convenient using the drive keypad, CTKP remote keypad, or MentorSoft, a Windows™ based drive  configuration tool. The Mentor II has extensive diagnostic and communication abilities that enhance system reliability. The drive’s standard yet powerful microprocessor is a versatile system component that can eliminate the need for a PLC with integral functions such as thresholds, timers and logic gates that perform basic control.

The simple addition of the MD29, a 32-bit application co-processor card, provides high performance drive systems with local intelligence for true distributed control. The MD29 enables users to incorporate custom or proprietary process control application programs to their drive. The Mentor II also provides a wide range of communication protocol options. Mentor II systems have proven to be extremely reliable  and are ideally suited to web handling, winders, slitters, extruders, wire drawing, converting lines, and plastics production. The Mentor II’s integrated design and highly programmable features make it an ideal choice for OEMs and System Integrator, as well as replacement or retrofit drives for End Users.

Key Features:

Simple Operation
Easy set up of the drive can be done using the main control panel or via a standard communications interface from a host computer.

Fast configuration of standard applications can be achieved using 10 parameters or less.

Faster Drive Set-Up
Programming the Mentor II has never been easier. Designed to save commissioning time, the drive has easily assimilated function menus browsed and edited via five navigator keys.

Better Control
A comprehensive self-tuning algorithm gives improved current loop performance for a more uniform response at all speeds. Drive performance is also enhanced with full PID digital speed control.

More Functions
The main circuit board has been developed to incorporate many additional features as standard.

Massive Systems Potential
All analogue inputs and most of the digital control inputs are user-configurable, making Mentor II a true systems drive having more versatility and flexibility than ever before.

Wide Ranging, More Flexible Communications
Mentor II is able to communicate directly with PLCs and host computers or via optional interface cards. This is achieved with the standard RS485 port.

Digital Speed and Position Loop
This allows several drives to be run in speed or position synchronization.

Centre winder
The drive torque is continuously adjusted to compensate for changing coil diameter, machine losses and coil inertia.

Shaft Orientation
This allows the user to specify the final position of the motor shaft relative to an electronic feedback datum, for example a marker pulse from an encoder. The position is adjusted by simply changing the value of the appropriate parameter.

‘S’ Ramp
This facility provides a curved function at each of a user defined acceleration/deceleration ramp.

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Title Issue Type Size Lang
CTSoft V01.15.04 V01.15.04 zip 139 MB EN
Mentor MP Document Server V01.03.00 zip 46 MB EN
MP-Keypad String Editor V04.04.08 zip 7 MB EN
SyPTLite V1.5.1 zip 11 MB EN
SyPTPro Demo Version V02.05.03 zip 52 MB EN
SyPTPro Upgrade V02.06.11 zip 83 MB EN


Mentor MP Advanced User Guide PDF( 7 MB -EN) Download

Software Archive

PowerTools Pro version 5.15 (18 MB) Download

User Guides

Title Issue Type Size Lang
Advanced Position Controller 6 pdf 2.45 MB EN
CTNet I/O User Guide 3 pdf 1.27 MB EN
CTNet User Guide 8 pdf 1.92 MB EN
Flying Shear User Guide 10 pdf 5 MB EN
FXMP25 Field Controller User Guide 3 pdf 2.41 MB EN
Mentor MP User Guide 5 pdf 11 MB EN

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