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Tenda Router Configuration for Fariya Net (Karachi)


Step# 1: RESET the Router by pressing RESET Button on the Router. (check physically your router to find the button or refer the router manual.)

Router Settings


Now Open Browser and type: ( in my case this is a router IP, check the back cover of your router for IP and user name/Password.)




Step#2: Router Settings Welcome Page will appear.


Step#3: Press Setup Wizard and then Select PPTP and Press NEXT.



Step#4: Select Server IP as and Enter your Fariya User Name & Password in respective Blocks. Select Address Mode as “Dynamic”.




Step#5:  To save configuration Press Apply Button and settings will be save after some process.


Step#6: Router connectivity Status checking either it is connected proper or not.

If Not connected and not showing proper IPs, DNS, Gateway then it means you have selected wrong internet connection mode in Step#3. Make sure your router support PPTP Option and also ISP Provider allow the PPTP service.



Step#7: Router Basic Settings e.g Name and other settings.



Step#8 : Fianl Step- Wifi Password and Security Mode Selection


For more info or queries please write in comments.

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