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How to Install ISA Server

How to Install ISA Server

ISA Server is an acronym for Internet Security and Acceleration Server. It is a Microsoft Windows based firewall that adds heightened security and stability to your computer’s operating system and its files. The ISA Server firewall protects your internal network.


  1. Install the Neverhood on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Step 2.jpg
    Place your ISA Server CD-ROM disk into your computer’s disk drive.
  2. Install ISA Server Step 2.jpg
    Double click the file “ISAAutorun.exe” which shows up once the ISA Server CD is inserted.
  3. Install ISA Server Step 3.jpg
    Select the link named “Install ISA Server” through the splash page of the Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2000 the program has automatically taken you to. The dialog box that follows will then tell you to install ISA 2000 Service Pack 1; press “Continue” to do so.
  4. Install ISA Server Step 4.jpg
    Select “Continue” on the following Welcome to the Microsoft ISA Server installation window.
  5. Install ISA Server Step 5.jpg
    Type the “CD Key” within the specified CD Key field and select “OK” to continue.
  6. Install ISA Server Step 6.jpg
    Write the Product ID that the setup system gives you to proceed with the install your ISA Server. After you have written this Product ID down, select “OK.”
  7. Install ISA Server Step 7.jpg
    Click on the “I Agree” box located in the Microsoft ISA Server Setup window.This will then prompt the dialog box for the Installation Type to come up.
  8. Install ISA Server Step 8.jpg
    Click on the “Full Installation” selection in the Installation Type dialog box.
  9. Install ISA Server Step 9.jpg
    Select “Yes” in the Microsoft ISA Server Setup window. You will then proceed to the ISA Server Setup in standalone mode.
  10. Install ISA Server Step 10.jpg
    Select the “Integrated Mode” option in the “Select the mode for this server” window. This option will utilize the full capacity of your ISA Server Firewall. Click “Continue.”
  11. Install ISA Server Step 11.jpg
    Choose a NTFS drive to put the Web cache file on the Web cache page.Type in the size of the cache in the “Cache size” area and select “Set.” Press “OK.”
  12. Install ISA Server Step 12.jpg
    Select the “Construction Table” option in the Local Address Table window. Remove the checkmark in the “Add the following private ranges” box. Add a checkmark in the “Add address ranges based on the Windows Routing Table” box. Also, remove the checkmark in the “External Interface” option then add a checkmark next to the “Internal Interface” box. Select “OK” in the LAT (Local Address Table) and then select “OK” again on the ISA Server Setup dialog box to apply the specifications you have just set up.
  13. Install ISA Server Step 13.jpg
    Click “OK” on the LAT window after you have gone over the Internal IP ranges list.
  14. Install ISA Server Step 14.jpg
    Select “OK” in the dialog box that comes up telling you to install the SMTP service in order to run the SMTP Message Screener. It will then inform you where to find instructions on how to do so.
  15. Install ISA Server Step 15.jpg
    Remove the checkmark from the “Start ISA Server Getting Started Wizard” box. Close the warning box telling you “Windows will become unstable” and then select “OK” in the “Launch ISA Management Tools” window.
  16. Install ISA Server Step 16.jpg
    Complete the setup by selecting “OK” once the dialog box pops up to inform you the setup is complete.
  17. Install ISA Server Step 17.jpg
    Select “OK” again once the dialog box telling up the setup has failed to start one or more services. Now you install the ISA Server Pack 1.
  18. Install ISA Server Step 18.jpg
    Go to and obtain the ISA Server Service Pack 1.
  19. Install ISA Server Step 19.jpg
    Scan the downloaded ISA Server Service Pack 1 for viruses then copy the file to the ISA Server.
  20. Install ISA Server Step 20.jpg
    Double click on the “isasp1.exe” file (ISA Server Service Pack 1 downloads under this title) and type what drive you would like your Service Pack to be extracted in with the “Choose Directory for Extracted Files” field followed by the “isasp1” file name. For example, if you want the Service Pack to be extracted in your computers drive “C,” type in “C:ISASP1.” Select “OK.”
  21. Install ISA Server Step 21.jpg
    Click the “I Agree” option in the “End User License Agreement” window.
  22. Install ISA Server Step 22.jpg
    Select “OK” in the Microsoft ISA Server Update Setup dialog box to restart your computer and complete the installation. The ISA Server Service Pack 1 is now installed with your ISA Server.

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